Welcome to the Art of Narrative on blogger, a companion to my tumblr blog, The Art of Narrative. I hope you enjoy the illustrations, and I welcome your comments.

I am using this site to post images I have not only located, but worked to improve, by cropping extraneous edges, and optimizing the color and clarity. Most of these images are in the public domain, from books scanned by library or research sites.

I copy images in the highest possible resolution, and I always link to the original source. If I've scanned the image from a book, I include a complete bibliographic citation including the title, author, publisher, and year of publication. Contemporary images obtained through fair use for educational purposes, are linked to information about the artist or illustrator.

If you use an image from this site, please link to the Art of Narrative as your source.

If you are a tumblr user, images from this site are easy to re-blog and credit, because they are already on my tumblr blog, The Art of Narrative.